We understand addiction and love the work we have been doing since 2005. We work closely with our clients to deliver the best solutions to their needs

Jorgs Rehabilitation Centres are chemical dependence treatment and rehabilitation centres funded and run by Jorgs Trust, a charitable organization registered in Kenya in the year 2004. We opened our first centre, Jorgs Ark, during 2005 in the serene area of Tigoni and haven't looked back since. All of our facilities are accredited by NACADA, the central government regulatory body on addiction services, and licenced by the Ministry of Health through the Medical and Dentist Practitioners Board of Kenya.



  • 967

    Total Clients (Dec 2016)
  • 648

    Sober Clients

  • 67%

    Success Rate
  • 2005

    Opened our first centre

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We do not like to pronounce any individual as alcoholic but you can quickly diagnose yourself. This simple questionnaire, known as the CAGE test, is accurate 80 to 90 percent of the time and can determine the early stages of the disease.

1. Have you ever tried to Cut down on your drinking?
2. Do you get Angry when people discuss your drinking?
3. Do you feel Guilty about things you have done while drink-ing?
4. Do you ever have an Eye-opener (take a drink to get rid of a hangover or to start the day)?

Four simple questions, but if you answer yes to any one you are at great risk of alcoholism and answer more than one and you may need to seek treatment. Not convinced? Take the MAST test, AUDIT test or John Hopkins Questionnaire. To understand more of the assessments conducted during intake click here.

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Our Services

We offer treatment to alcoholics and drug addicts including their families or significant others. Our services include corporate surveys and consultancy, in-patient/residential treatment, out-patient treatment, confidential in-patient and drug-induced psychosis treatment.


We conduct in-house training, awareness, outreach, educational talks and prevention campaigns


A team of former addicts who assist to get your loved one to rehab

Harm Reduction

The HRC runs a tailor-made program to reduce the harms associated with drugs and alchohol abuse. Includes detox

In-patient Rehab

During your loved one's period of stay they will go through a program that is comprehensive and affordable

Relapse Prevention

This a program run at Jorgs facilities that assists our clients to maintain their sobriety and new way of life.

Sober House

Some recovering addicts have no re-connection to their families and need an after-care programme that allows them to attend to their daily duties


We assists our clients to reintergrate into society through an organized community based organization, Jorgs SOAR (Survivors of Addiction Recovery), AA meetings and scheduled aftercare sessions.

Anti-abuse Medication

Reduces alcohol’s ability to stimulate dopamine release, making the effects of alcohol less pleasurable