• Enough clothes

  • Personal effects

  • Pocket money for shopping

  • 1 month basic rehab fees

The basis of our treatment

Long-term Goals
The aim of our program is to help our clients achieve two long-term goals:
1. Abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
2. An improved life style.
The final realization of these long-term goals is a lifelong pursuit and our treatment is viewed as only the beginning of what must be a continuing effort to maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to remaining free from alcohol and drugs.

Short-term Goals
Achievement of the following four short-term goals is a satisfactory indication of progress towards attainment of the long-term goals:
a) The recovering addict recognizes addiction and its implications.
b) The recovering addict admits that he/she needed help, addiction cannot be cured but can be managed and they concentrate on learning to live with it in a constructive manner by using the AA/NA programs as a design for living.
c) The recovering addict identifies specifically what he/she needs to change in order to live in a constructive manner.
d) The recovering addict translates this understanding to actively assist them to increase their level of functioning and to develop a new lifestyle.

Our Program
The Program has five stages:
1. Orientation/social/ medical detoxification (4 weeks/28 days*) at Jorgs Ark Centre
2. Primary treatment (9 weeks/63 days*) at Jorgs Ark Centre
3. Relapse Prevention (6 weeks/45 days*) at Jorgs Sober House(optional)
4. Discharge planning (2 weeks/15 days*) at Jorgs Sober House(optional)
5. Community Re-integration (8 weeks) A.A./N.A. Meetings & Jorgs Soar-Survivors of Addiction & Recovery(optional)
* Minimum Mandatory

Our Process
To accomplish these purposes, we use a variety of means, which includes the following:
1. Social & Medical model in the detoxification and management of withdrawal.
2. Therapy; individual (directional) and group (encounter and other therapeutic groups)
3. Psycho-Educational Skill and motivational lectures.
4. Group or personal meditation.
5. Peer assessment.
6. Provision of basic human needs.
7. Informal interactions with other patients.
8. Therapeutic duties (work therapy)
9. Recreational activities.
10. Environmental setting.
11. Religious attendance (optional).
12. Individual meetings with the clergyman(optional).

Assessment Fees

The Assessment fee totals to Kshs 11,500 and is only paid once. Find the breakdown below;

Period of stay

The minimum treatment period is based on the drug of choice and extent of use

  • 14


    Jorgs Harm Reduction Centre

  • 30


    Jorgs Sober House

  • 90


    Alcoholics & Narcotics

    Jorgs Ark Rehab

  • 180


    Drug-induced psychosis

    Jorgs Ark Rehab

We provide a unique rehab experience.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy. Judge for yourself the work and results we’ve achieved, and meet our highly experienced team.

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