As much as the centre is founded on the basis of charity, we appreciate contributions by patients for sustainable status of the facility. However it is our policy that no suffering person shall be denied treatment due to financial incapability. It's from such humble background that we a make a passionate appeal for financial support and/or in kind.

Contributions in kind

Since inception the centre has entirely been managed and funded by the trustees and donations from well wishers. The centre accepts material support like, computers, heating, cooling and electronic appliances; assorted furniture, beddings and clothing, cutleries, food items, books to boost an existing resource and information library to mention but a few. As we continue to grow the centre requires expansion, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing structures.


Personnel and Capacity Building

The centre currently depends greatly on volunteer-ship. The therapeutic community staff is composed of dedicated men and women with specialized training in chemical dependency and counselling. The centre is struggling with retention rate of these all important professionals since they are not on salary. It is the centre's mission objective to permanently hire these staff for the great services they offer. The operational costs including support staff (cooks, security etc) budget is beyond our projections and we need support to accelerate capacity building so as to retain a professional team and staff.

For donations contact accounts: +254733676732

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