Alot of people ask themselves this question so our counsellors came up with a short 4 item list that has helped many families and employers diagnose addiction. Read this short article to find out if he/she needs rehab.
YES, but only contingent upon permission from your lead counsellor. If a visit is OKed by the client’s lead counsellor, visitors are limited to immediate family members. Please note: Visitors are not allowed to spend the night at the Centre. We do encourage your spouse or partner to meet you just before the end of your stay, for a counselling session.
No However, we work with a number of doctors. There is a district hospital for emergencies 1 km from the center, that operates ambulance service. Many of our therapists also have first aid training.
We offer comprehensive drug tests can conclusively tell what drugs someone has been using. For information about the behavioural signs of addiction, click here.
At Jorgs we do not provide any medication. We will, however, facilitate medication prescribed by your doctor and brought with you. If you are going to need medication for your treatment or are on other medications that you will need to continue taking you will need to bring a large enough supply for your time in treatment. Please also be sure to have the medications in the original packaging with a prescription explaining dosage. If you do not have the medication you require you might have to consult with a doctor at Jorgs or leave the facility to see a doctor in Tigoni, this will be at your own expense.
YES, we work closely with a dedicated team of former addicts who have helped many families to get their loved ones to rehabilitation through their intervention program for involuntary admissions.
No As much as the centre is founded on the basis of charity it is contributions by patients and their loved ones that have ensured the sustainable status of the facility. Any fees that are charged are to pay members of staff and maintain sustainability of our facilities.
The program run at Jorgs HRC focuses on a tailor-made harm reduction approach that is flexible and also comfortable while Jorgs Ark runs a tried and tested 12 Step program alongside the Minnesota Model. While HRC focuses on privacy and individualized treatment at the Ark it's a communal program with emphasis on group therapy. Visit the facilities page to learn more.
YES, after a minimum stay of ten days and with permission from your lead counsellor. Clients at HRC are allowed to carry their phone and laptop so as to ensure their work obligations can be fulfilled while they go through recovery.
Electronics are not allowed at Jorgs Ark so as to ensure that clients can have the clarity to complete their program with little distractions. Clients at HRC are allowed to carry their phone and laptop so as to ensure their work obligations can be fulfilled while they go through recovery.

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