We understand addiction and love the work we have been doing since 2005. We work closely with our clients to deliver the best solutions to their needs

Checking into a rehab lets addicts get away from temptation, responsibility and distraction, allowing them needed time for recovery by themselves.
We admit clients at any time on any day of the week provided the addict can be availed at our centres in either Tigoni, Limuru or Migaa, Kiambu.
It is only through the first step of coming to rehab that you can start the process of addiction treatment. Voluntarily or not, addicts need help.
Chemical addiction being a brain disease, means that the addict is in no control to logically analyse their situation and may need a decision to be made for them by the family or next of kin. We also offer intervention assistance if need be.


  • Enough clothes

  • Personal effects

  • Shopping

  • Rehab fees

Knowing what happens in our rehab will help you understand what to expect. Here is a short list describing the program....Read more or call us



Answers to guide you.

If your situation seems at all similar to the situations outlined below you should consider rehabilitation:
1. They can’t stay sober in their home environment
2. Their health is at immediate or serious risk
3. They’re going to lose something important to them (job, spouse, children, house) unless they stop using right now
4. They have a physical dependence and need to detox (For example, alcoholics who stop drinking can experience symptoms such as shakiness, nausea, etc.)
YES, we work closely with a dedicated team of former addicts who have helped many families to get their loved ones to rehabilitation through their intervention program for involuntary admissions.
We offer comprehensive drug tests that conclusively tell what drugs someone has been using. For information about the behavioural signs of addiction, click here.
No As much as the centre is founded on the basis of charity it is contributions by patients and their loved ones that have ensured the continuity of the facility. Any fees that are charged are to pay members of staff and maintain sustainability of our facilities.
Jorgs Ark runs a tried and tested 12 Step program alongside the Minnesota Model while the program at Jorgs Harm Reduction Centre (HRC) focuses on a tailor-made harm reduction approach that is flexible and also comfortable . While HRC focuses on privacy and individualized treatment at the Ark it's a communal program with emphasis on group therapy. Visit the facilities page to learn more.
YES, after a minimum stay of ten days and with permission from your lead counsellor. Clients at HRC are allowed to carry their phone and laptop so as to ensure their work obligations can be fulfilled as they go through recovery.


  • 1065

    Total Clients (June 2018)
  • 662

    Sober Clients

  • 62.2%

    Success Rate
  • 2005

    Opened our first centre


Our Services

We offer treatment to alcoholics and drug addicts including their families or significant others. Our services include corporate surveys and consultancy, in-patient/residential treatment, out-patient treatment, confidential in-patient and drug-induced psychosis treatment.


We conduct in-house training, awareness, outreach, educational talks and prevention campaigns


A team of former addicts who assist to get your loved one to rehab

Harm Reduction

The HRC runs a tailor-made program to reduce the harms associated with drugs and alchohol abuse. Includes detox

In-patient Rehab

During your loved one's period of stay they will go through a program that is comprehensive and affordable

Relapse Prevention

This a program run at Jorgs facilities that assists our clients to maintain their sobriety and new way of life.

Sober House

Some recovering addicts have no re-connection to their families and need an after-care programme that allows them to attend to their daily duties


We assists our clients to reintergrate into society through an organized community based organization, Jorgs SOAR (Survivors of Addiction Recovery), AA meetings and scheduled aftercare sessions.

Anti-abuse Medication

Reduces alcohol’s ability to stimulate dopamine release, making the effects of alcohol less pleasurable

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