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In the serene Tigoni area

Welcome to our in-patient rehabilitation centre


Jorgs Ark Rehabilitation Centre was started in 2005 and is recognized by NACADA the central government regulatory body, licenced by the Medical and Dentist Practitioners Board of Kenya and accredited by the Ministry of Health.

We offer treatment to alcoholics and drug addicts including their families [co-dependents] or significant others. It is an in-patient/residential rehabilitation centre located at Tigoni, a serene area 25km from Nairobi City. We have a bed capacity of thirty patients in a completely open setting, it remains one of the few drug-free psychotherapeutic treatment centres in the country committed to the intensive work necessary to help patients reform.

What to expect in rehab

Our Program

Inpatient rehab gives you a chance to focus on yourself, your past and your present, but most importantly it allows you to focus on your future as a healthy individual in recovery. We provide you with an individual counsellor as well as Group Therapy programs. All of this is carried out in a drug free environment.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment is delivered by a team of professionals representing many disciplines including nurses, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists, substance abuse/addiction counselors, fitness and recreation specialists and spiritual care professionals.

Treatment at Jorgs Ark is based on the Twelve Step programme of Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous blended with the Minnesota Model. This time-tested method is complemented with a combination of individual counseling, chemical dependency education, stress management education, life skills training, and daily attendance in 12-step meetings.

The 12 Step Program

It is our observation that genuinely practicing the behaviors suggested in 12-Step recovery programs can aid recovery and produce dramatic transformations in people’s lives. The 12-step program provides a huge, free and internationally available infrastructure and support network which can help people transition back into living a full and healthy life as an individual in recovery. At Jorgs, we only utilize the evidence-based components of 12-step recovery. The 12 steps mentions a ‘higher power’ and often this notion can be off putting to some people, at Jorgs our interpretation of the 12 steps is non-religious. We are very clearly a secular or non-religious program. We utilize only the evidence based components of the 12-step program to augment our core program. How you choose to define your ‘higher power’ is entirely up to you.

1) Psycho-educational groups

Our program includes 3 weekly psycho-educational sessions about substance abuse, trauma and other issues feeding people’s addiction. We believe that addiction is a chronic disorder and that anyone living with this kind of disorder needs to become their own expert on it. We can’t completely achieve this in the 12-24 week stay in our program, but we can start our clients on the path of learning about the psychology, biology and neuroscience or ‘brain view’ of addiction.

2) Individual Counselling

In sessions with individual counselors our clients explore and make sense of their past, present and future. These sessions tie together the various themes of our program. Our counselors work with our clients to help them develop an understanding of how past and current experiences affect their choices and behavior, and help them to integrate new and positive habits.

3) Group Therapy

The therapeutic value of healthy interaction with others in recovery is recognized and valued at Jorgs. In our group program clients learn how to communicate effectively and use this to develop healthy relationships. The group program includes therapy groups, gender groups, relapse prevention groups and art therapy in a condusive environment for self-discovery and self-challenge.

Minimum Treatment Period & Monthly Rehab Fees*

The minimum treatment period is based on drug of use; *fees are subject to change

  • 90


    Alcoholics & Narcotics

  • 180


    Drug-induced psychosis

  • 55,000

    Kenyan Shillings