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Welcome to our Halfway House


Jorgs Halfway House is an after-care centre for recovering addicts that is funded and run by Jorgs Trust, a charitable organization registered in Kenya in the year 2004. The centre was started in 2010 and is recognized by Nacada the central government regulatory body.

We offer treatment to alcoholics and drug addicts including their families [co-dependents] or significant others. It is an in-patient/residential treatment and rehabilitation centre. We have a tremendous and elaborate referral system networking hand in hand with our partners, former clients and voluteers. With a bed capacity of approximately thirty patients in a completely open setting, it remains one of the few drug-free psychotherapeutic treatment centres in the country committed to the intensive work necessary to help patients stay sober and take up responsibilities in their lives.

What to expect in rehab

Our Program

The program is facilitated by atleast two cousellors whose main objective is to provide direction and counselling to the clients while ensuring there is satisfactory adherance to the rules. A comprehensive aftercare program is provided here and clients are regularly subjected to drug tests especially in cases where a client is thought to have relapsed.

The supportive twelve step programme of Alcoholic Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous is complemented with a combination of individual counseling, stress management education, life skills training, and daily attendance in 12-step meetings so as to help every client to reintergrate into society in a manner that is gradual and controlled.

Minimum Treatment Period

Period of stay can be increased if the client requests

  • 30