Outreach by JATRODA

Our awareness training and research arm undertakes to create a general awareness through talks to members of communities, schools, organization staff and the public in general to help them understand the ills of substance abuse.
In-depth information is provided to in order to help identify and acknowledge persons with such tendencies and guide on how to assist them without the aspect of stigmatization.
Sessions (Plan Of Action)
Our typical course has a duration of 3 two-hour sessions spread over three-days, this timeline can however be changed based on the particular needs of the target audience and their availability of time and/or resources.
The main teaching points include:
• Pharmacology of substance of abuse i.e. Alcohol, Miraa, Cigarettes, Bhang, Kuber etc
• Biopsychosocial effects of substance of abuse
• Phases of addiction and how to identify them i.e. social user, bingers, addict.
• Social Economic effects of substance abuse to family work, individuals, society, etc.
• Denial and the causes of addiction.
• Formulation of policies in the family, work place, community or national level.
• Real life experiences through testimonials by recovering addicts.
• The dangers of over indulgence in drugs and alcohol
Adolescent groups are also taken through:
• Motivational Therapy
• Peer Counseling /Group counseling
• HIV/AIDS Awareness
• Team Building
• Life and Coping Skills

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