Do you need rehab?

The following is a list of reasons to consider inpatient substance abuse treatment. If your situation seems at all similar to the situations outlined below, you should consider making contact with a treatment professional to discuss your rehab options in more detail:
1. They can’t stay sober in their home environment
People who find it impossible to resist temptations while in their home environment will benefit from the temporary break from temptation offered at a drug rehab.
Important Note: A stay in a residential addiction treatment program keeps you safe from temptation until you’re strong enough to handle it.
2. Their health is at immediate or serious risk
For health reasons, some people need immediate abstinence. If they can’t stop on their own and keep putting their life in danger every time they use or drink, they need the intensity of treatment offered at a residential program.
Important Note: Addiction, left unchecked, is ultimately a fatal disease.
3. They’re going to lose something important to them (job, spouse, children, house) unless they stop using right now
They may not want to get help, but if their continued use is going to cost them something they care about (or need), they may not have a choice. Many people enter drug rehab at the urging of a concerned family member or employer, and these people do just as well in the end as people who decide to get help on their own.
4. They have a physical dependence and need to detox
Alcohol and other drugs can inflict severe damage on the human body. But for addicted individuals, the absence of these substances can also have negative effects on their health. For example, alcoholics who stop drinking can experience symptoms ranging from shakiness and nausea to convulsions and hallucinations.People physically addicted to certain drugs or alcohol will need medical supervision on a residential basis for a safe withdrawal period. Alcoholics should never attempt to detox without medical care, as alcohol withdrawal without proper medical supervision can be dangerous and even fatal.
Detox is not addiction treatment, and people who used drugs or alcohol heavily enough to become physically addicted generally need the intensity of a drug rehab stay for the best chance at long-term recovery.

For more information on addiction feel free to talk to one of our counsellors.