Residential drug rehab is an intense – and intensely personal – experience. Entering a residential drug rehab program means leaving your home, work and responsibilities for a month or more, and working tirelessly to create a new path in life...Read more

We work closely with a dedicated team of former addicts who have helped many families to get their loved ones to rehabilitation through their intervention program for involuntary admissions...Read more

Every individual is unique, and what might be a perfect fit for one person won’t meet the requirements of another. The HRC runs a tailor-made program where your needs and history are assessed by a professional who makes a personalized recommendation on how to best reduce the harms associated with drugs and alchohol abuse...Read more

We offer both social detox which takes 14 to 30 days and medical detox which takes 7 to 14 days. Our clients undergo the process of detox in the presence of qualified personnel so as to minimize the health risks associated with withdrawal. All our rehabilitation facilities provide safe and supportive environments in which a patient's medical and mental health needs can be met during and after detox...Read more

The 3 month naltrexone implant offered at Jorgs has proven greatly advantageous to opiate addicts and alcoholics by greatly reducing the chances of relapse for clients who choose to follow this route, and what's better, its not addictive. This implant has greatly assisted opiate addicts by replacing other solutions such Methadone which is also highly addictive. In alcoholics we proudly boast that the implant is extreemly successful in assisting recovering addicts stay sober...Read more

Soon after your arrival in drug rehab, you'll start planning your exit. It's easy to stay sober while away from temptation, and although a substantial period of abstinence gives you a foundation for recovery, the real challenges begin once you get home. We will help you determine what most threatens your continuing sobriety, make a plan to minimize your exposure to these threats and decide exactly what you will do when tempted. The time you spend planning against relapse while in drug rehab pays enormous dividends once back in the community...Read more

There are no quick fixes for the diseases of drug abuse and alcoholism. Recovery is an ongoing process. The skills one learns during intensive treatment must be integrated into everyday life and this takes time. We offer a quality, continuing care program that supports and monitors recovery...Read more

We conduct in-house training, awareness, outreach, educational talks and prevention campaigns...Read more

Assessment Fees

The Assessment fee totals to Kshs 11,500 and is only paid once. Find the breakdown below;

  • 2,500

    Kenyan Shillings

    Drug Use Screening Test

  • 4,000

    Kenyan Shillings

    Psychiatric Examination

  • 2,000

    Kenyan Shillings

    Psychological Assessment

  • 3,000

    Kenyan Shillings

    General Medical Examination

Period of stay

The minimum treatment period is based on the drug of choice and extent of use

  • 90


    Alcoholics & Narcotics

    Jorgs Ark Rehab

  • 180


    Drug-induced psychosis

    Jorgs Ark Rehab

  • 14


    Jorgs Harm Reduction Centre

  • 30


    Jorgs Sober House

Basic Rehab Fees*

  • 55,000

    Kenyan Shillings MONTHLY

    Jorgs Ark Rehab

  • 6,000

    Kenyan Shillings DAILY

    Jorgs Harm Reduction Centre

*These fees are subject to change

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